Most major Chinese cities have airports that offer domestic and international flights. Domestic flights in China can often experience delays. China has an efficient high-speed train network, which for shorter distances is often a more convenient and reliable option than air travel.

Major airports

Major airports include:

Check with your travel agent or hotel what transport options may be available to and from the city centre.

Ground transport

There are many transport options available to travellers in China which are generally safe and reliable. The potential for traffic congestion related delays should be considered when developing an itinerary.

Within cities and for short intercity transits, private cars with English-speaking drivers can be arranged through hotels or specialised transport operators. Booking a service prior to travel is recommended.

Metered taxis are an inexpensive way to get around Chinese cities, although during peak times or wet weather they may be difficult to secure. Always ask for a receipt, or ‘fa piao’ in Chinese, and do not take black market taxis. Some Chinese taxis do not have seat belts installed in the back seats. As most taxi drivers do not speak or read English, it is useful to have your destination and hotel name and address written in Chinese characters. Apps such as Uber or Didi are available in many Chinese cities.

China has a network of high speed rail lines which connect most major cities. In many cases, the transit times are comparable to air travel, and timely arrivals are the norm. Tickets should be booked in advance, particularly around major Chinese holidays when there is increased demand for train travel.


China’s major cities are home to a wide variety of international and local hotel chains at a range of price points. Smaller cities may have a more limited choice, but in general the range and quality of hotels available is increasing across China.


China’s major cities, particularly Beijing and Shanghai, are home to a wide variety of cuisine, from western dining options to local delicacies. Smaller cities or remote locations may only offer local cuisine, although western fast food chains are also widely available, even in smaller centres.


Tipping is not customary in China.

Tourist attractions

China is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. Find out more information on many of China’s attractions at the China National Tourism Office.