Prague’s Ruzyne International Airport is situated 16km northwest of the city centre. For flight departure information call the airport’s 24-hour hotline on +42 2 2011 5433 (English speaking operators are available).

Travel time between the city centre and the terminal is 25 to 40 minutes by taxi or shuttle and 50 to 60 minutes by public transport.

Ground transport

There are a number of transport options:

  • Taxis are the most convenient, but also the most expensive and the airport is serviced by a dedicated operator.
  • Shuttles are a comfortable and affordable mode of transport from the airport to central Prague.
  • Hotel limousine services are also available.


Prague has a good choice of four and five-star hotels. All hotels accept major credit cards and staff speak English. The high tourist season begins in May and ends in September. Christmas is also considered to be high season. If you plan to visit during these periods, it is advisable to book your hotel accommodation in advance.


There are plenty of good quality restaurants offering local and international cuisine. Most accept major credit cards. In Prague and other tourist locations English is spoken in most of the restaurants and menus are translated into English.

Czechs tend to have their main meal of the day at lunchtime. In the evening, people tend to have a light dinner. Big meals are usually reserved for weekends.


Tipping (approximately five to 15 per cent) generally applies to services such as taxis, restaurant bills and hairdresser.

Tips are not included in the bill and the tip amount is used to express satisfaction with service.