Ground transport

Major hotels and travel agencies can arrange cars from the airport provided it is organised in advance.

Care hire at the airport is also available, but expensive and an international driver’s license is necessary.

Buses, minibuses, micro-buses and service taxis are also available.


Egypt has a huge number of hotels. The main five-star hotels all have the usual amenities, including some with 24-hour casinos, executive floors and basic to state-of-the-art health clubs. Prices are generally subject to:

  • 10 per cent sales tax
  • 12 per cent service charges
  • two per cent city tax.

Corporate, government, tour-group, resident and long-term rates are half or less, with seasonal and bargaining skill variations.


Egypt has various restaurants and dining options available. The major hotels generally have top class restaurants and there are numerous quality restaurants in the major business and residential areas. Prices vary greatly, but generally in line with the quality of food, service and ambiance. Visitors should take care to only eat at the better class establishments.


In hotels and other areas tipping is often expected. If you are paying a bill in a restaurant 10 to 15 per cent is normal. On the streets it is usual to tip EYP10.00 for someone who has helped you park your car and ‘guard’ it while you are away.