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Business tips

Generally the business culture in Finland is similar to that in Australia.

Some tips include:

  • It is advisable to seek appointments well in advance of your visit.
  • Punctuality is required both for business and social appointments.
  • First name terms are more common in younger, modern businesses than in traditional circles or at formal occasions, but if you are unsure, leave it to your host to suggest first names.
  • General greetings are by handshake, stating clearly both your first name and surname.
  • It is customary to offer your business card at the commencement of a meeting.
  • Decision making is frequently by consensus, therefore, on the spot decisions are rare.
  • Business dress can vary within Finland depending on the type of industry. Generally for a first meeting formal business dress is most appropriate.

Setting up in Market

Invest in Finland has information for those considering setting up a business. 

Banking and finance

The Nordea Bank Group, the OKO Bank Group and Sampo are the three leading banks in Finland, encompassing over 75 per cent of the country’s banking services. Other banks, finance companies and insurance companies, both domestic and foreign, can be found in Helsinki.

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Government, business and trade

Finnish Customs
Finnish Government
Invest in Finland

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Helsingin Sanomat

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