Helsinki-Vantaa airport is about half an hour from the capital’s centre by taxi or bus. For more information, visit the Finnish airports website.

Ground transport

Local public transport is efficient, relatively inexpensive and safe.

Finnish trains are operated by VR, they offer InterCity and express trains throughout the country and Pendolino trains connect major cities.

Hiring a car is a popular method of travel; however special care should be taken driving during the winter months.

Taxis can be obtained by telephone or from taxi ranks and it is advisable to write down the address of your destination. Payment can be made using Finnish bank cards, major international credit cards or cash. Taxis are metered and a tip is not necessary.


There is a wide range of accommodation for all budgets.


There is a wide range of dining options for all budgets.


Tipping was almost non-existent, however, it is becoming more common.

Tourist attractions

Finland is a popular tourist destination. For more information, visit the Finnish Tourist Board and Visit Helsinki.