Indonesia is well serviced with domestic flights between the major cities and Jakarta. Most flights depart from Jakarta International Airport (Soekarno-Hatta) at Cengkareng, about one to two drive from the city.

As traffic jams and rain can cause major delays, allow at least an hour to get to Soekarno-Hatta airport.

When departing Indonesia, ensure you have IDR150 000 in cash for your airport departure tax and for those flying domestic, airport taxes vary from IDR25 000 to 60 000 depending on the airport of departure.

Ground transport

Transportation to the airport is largely available. Airport transfers facilities are provided from most hotels or can be ordered. DAMRI bus airport shuttle operate from selected bus stations around Jakarta.

If you have a short of time or are going to out of the way locations In Jakarta, it’s advised to book a taxi for the full day, which costs less than a standard hire car and driver.

The Busway Trans-Jakarta transportation system in Jakarta connects major business districts and expansion to other area of Jakarta is expected in the near future.

Transportation to and from the airport in other cities is varied in availability and method. Most airports and hotels offer transfer taxis and it is recommended that you pre-arrange the transportation (by taxis or rent cars) through your hotel.

When using taxis in Indonesia, it is recommended to have the address of your destination written down or bring a name card of your hotel to assist the driver in finding the address. A rough idea of where you are going will help. Have some change on hand as taxi drivers often do not have smaller notes. A 10 per cent tip is optional.


Indonesia is well served by international hotel groups that offer budget to five-star accommodation available in major cities across Indonesia.


Indonesia offers almost all types of cuisine from all over the world. Fine dining, specialty restaurants and many warung and kaki lima (small food stalls) can be found in all parts of Indonesia.

Food in most shopping mall restaurants is relatively cheap.


Tipping is optional in Indonesia. Hotels and most restaurants always add a service fee to their bills.

It is usual with taxis to add around 10 per cent.

Tourist attractions

Tourist in Indonesia can choose activities ranging from inner city attractions like shopping to exploring the beaches and adventure in the mountains or island hopping at the Thousand Islands.

Domestic tour packages can be booked through your hotel or directly through the local travel agents. Book from only recommended travel agents by your hotel.

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