Iraq has six international airports within the country with the major airport being Baghdad (IATA/BGW). The other airports are:

  • Basra Intl. Airport (ORMM/BSR)
  • Erbil Intl. Airport (ORER/EBL)
  • Najaf Intl. Airport (ORNI/NJF)
  • Sulaimaniyah Intl. Airport (ORSU/ISU)
  • Mosul International Airport (ORBM/OSM).

There are a variety of airlines which fly to the country, but in recently years flights have reduced due to terrorism.

Ground transport

If you are travelling to the country it is advised to arrange ground travel with your hotel company. Although there are many taxis available in Baghdad it is strongly recommended that Westerners avoid them given present security concerns.


Accommodation in Iraq operates on a cash-only basis (US dollars or Iraqi dinars). Although nearly all hotels provide their own security services, it could be expected they are under surveillance for insurgent forces. Many have been targeted by rocket, small arms fire and suicide bombers.

Any visitor is strongly advised to check with hotels on their security provisions and where possible have a security provider for the duration of the stay.


Iraqi cuisine has roots to culinary traditions of neighbouring Persia, Turkey and Syria region. The meals often consist of Mezza style dishes; grilled meat, gauss (sandwich style), as well as falafels and bameih also known as stews.

The food consists of meat originating from beef, lamb, chicken, rice, barley and other staples. The country cooks with a lot of vegetables, legumes, fruits and spices.


Tipping is not required in Iraq. There is the possibility of being charged more than required due to taxes, service fee and restaurant quota.

Travel and tourism

The political situation in Iraq is very unstable. The area remains extremely dangerous and strongly discouraged. The country have been seized by militant group IS (Islamic state) and war is now imminent, it is strongly advised by the Australian Government not to travel to this courage as most insurance companies will not cover you.


Iraq is host to many medieval Islamic and ottoman history in the cities of Baghdad and Samara. Another major attraction to the country is ancient Babylon which in recent years has been damaged by military groups.