Ben Gurion International Airport is less than 20 kilometres from Tel Aviv, and the major cities of Israel are close together, so nothing is too far from the airport. An additional international airport near the Southern resort city of Eilat is currently being constructed.

Ground transport

Taxi travel in most parts of Israel is generally safe and is the recommended form of travel for a business visitor. It is important to make sure the driver turns on the metre before the ride. A local driver can be hired per hour and car rentals are available at the airport. Taxis do not usually accept credit card payments, so it is important to keep some cash in local currency. Smartphone applications that use credit card payments like Gett and Uber are also available, noting that Uber in Israel only works with regular taxi cabs.


Pre-booking accommodation is highly recommended in busy times, especially around major holidays or business events.


Israelis are known for their appreciation of good food and the major cities are full of restaurants which include all types of cuisine at reasonable prices. The multicultural society of Israel has been conducive to the existence of a wide variety of sophisticated restaurants suitable for all tastes ranging from Middle Eastern cuisine to Italian.

It is important to note that kosher restaurants are closed from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday.


Tipping in restaurants is the norm and should be anywhere between 10 to 15 per cent, depending on the level of service. Taxi drivers can also be tipped if the service level was satisfactory.

Tourist attractions

The country is full of attractions that appeal to all types of tastes ranging from ancient archaeological sites to the famous Tel Aviv night life. Notable tourist attractions include Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth), archaeological sites, the Tel Aviv bar scene, natural attractions and much more. Private and group tours are available at most hotels. For more information, visit Israel Ministry of Tourism.