Travel conditions in Kazakhstan have improved markedly in recent years and visa support arrangements, air travel, hotel bookings and even airport transfers can generally be arranged through the internet or your Australian travel agent.

Australians visiting Kazakhstan for stays of up to 15 days (with arrival day counting as day one notwithstanding the time of arrival) do not require a visa (except for purpose of employment and missionary work). For stays exceeding 15 days, Australians must obtain the appropriate visa for the purpose of their visit, especially if travelling on a long-term business or work trip. Check the validity dates for your visa and associated restrictions before travelling. Kazakhstan is strict about its visa policies.

All visitors intending to stay for five days or more are required to register with the Kazakhstan Migration Police formerly known as the Office of Visa and Registration within five days of arrival. Visitors should contact their inviting organisation (listed on the visa) or the hotel they are staying at for assistance with registration with the Migration Police. Registration is done free of charge although hotels may charge a fee for this process.

Failure to register with the Migration Police can result in fines and significant delays on departure. For the most up to date information and additional requirements on registration, please contact your nearest Kazakh Embassy or Consulate prior to arrival.

For citizens of 47 countries (including Australia), registration can be completed upon arrival at the airport for up to 90 days without requiring an extra trip to the immigration police. Registration at the airport is confirmed by two date-stamps on the migration card.