The major airport in Libya is the Mitiga International Aiport located eight km east of Tripoli city serving commercial cargo and passenger flights. The old airport of Tripoli International airport is now unsafe and is under control by terrorists, ‘Misrata Brigades’. Airlines which are in commercial use are Libyan Airlines and Buraq Air.

Ground transport

Black and white private taxis are common in major cities. They are very expensive, but are the most convenient and comfortable way to travel within the city and to and from the airport. Buses are decent quality and the road network is excellent. Cars can be rented in major cities and petrol is cheap.


It is recommended that travellers to this country pay for premium accommodation for added security and safety. There is a range of high to lower end hotels and motels.


Major foods include meats and vegetables, usually served with cous cous or macaroni dishes. Lamb, chicken, fish and camel are all eaten regularly (although meats are expensive by local standards) and a local soup is served at most meals.

Strong coffee, sweet tea and soft drinks are all drunk in abundance and are cheap. Alcohol is not served anywhere.


There is no need for tipping.

Tourist attractions

All travel to the country is not advised.