Tariffs and regulations

Tariffs and non-tariff barriers

Tariffs and duty rates are constantly revised and are subject to change without notice. Austrade strongly recommends you reconfirm these prior to selling to Madagascar. For more information visit see Madagascar Customs.

Madagascar adopted the ATA Carnet System in 2013, in order to facilitate foreign trade and boost the country’s economic development. ATA Carnets, already used in more than 70 countries, enables companies to move goods in or out of Madagascar for up to a year without paying duties or taxes.

GasyNet - for information on import procedures - is an organisation set up as a private public partnership between the Malagasy government and Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) to enable the operation of a strong TradeNet platform that facilitates international trade.


Customs duties range from five to 20 per cent on Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) value of goods. Some capital goods and products used for further processing from sectors in agricultural and textile, as well as those associated in health security, renewable energy, and sports equipment are exempt from customs duties.

Documentary requirements

  • Bordereau de suivi des cargaisons (BSC) (a cargo tracking note). The BCS needs to be electronically submitted either by the exporter or forwarding agent before the goods have been shipped.
  • commercial invoice
  • bill of lading/airway bill
  • packing list
  • original and copy of the certificate of tax registration for the first operation
  • certificate of insurance
  • according to the category of goods or services being brought into Madagascar, relevant additional authorisations from supervising departments might be required.
Product certification, labelling and packaging

All perishable foods must be labelled in French or English before sale of the product, with the following information:

  • origin of the product
  • sell-by or use-by date
  • list of ingredients
  • recommended storage method
  • name and registration number (as applicable) of the manufacturer
  • intended use of the product (as applicable).

Methods of quoting and payment

Weights and measures

Metric system is used in Madagascar

Methods of payment
  • letters of credit
  • open accounts
  • cash in advancev
  • documentary collection.