Air Travel

International air connections into Madagascar are limited, but some airlines do service the route.

Ivato airport is located around 10 kilometres away from the capital Antananarivo and could take between 40 minutes to an hour if traffic conditions are bad.

Commercial air links and private charters are available for regional connections to various parts of the island.

Ground transport

If you are not staying at a centrally located hotel in Antananarivo, the most practical way to get around is to rent a car and/or driver and taxis are another option. There is limited rail between cities which is mostly reserved for cargo and on foot will be difficult, since there are usually no sidewalks and traffic is very bad.


There are a number of hotels around Madagascar of varying ratings, with telecommunication and internet services available, though the quality of service could be varied.


Madagascar is famous for its fresh seafood and provides a melting pot of African, Arabic, French and Indian cooking styles. The standard Malagasy diet is a varied one, with a lot of rice, meat, seafood and vegetables. The influence of the Indian community is demonstrated by the popular spicy curries that complete the picture.

Dining options include some in-house restaurants in the big hotels which retain a strong French influence to small street side cafes and restaurants which offer the native flavour of local delicacies.


Although not customary in hotels, restaurant waiters would expect 10 per cent.