Getting there

It is recommended that anyone travelling to Malaysia read the official Australian government travel advice before departure:

Ground transport

The best way to get to the city from the airport in Kuala Lumpar is via KLIA Express Rail Link (28 minutes), even though it might seem quicker to take a taxi (48 minutes). Use of the KLIA ERL is particularly recommended during periods of peak traffic.

Airport Limo offers a 24 hour budget and premier airport taxi service from KLIA. You can purchase taxi travel coupons from the official counter, which is situated just after Customs but before the public arrival area. Prices are fixed according to destination. During off peak hours it will take about 45 minutes to reach the city, but this can be much longer if you are travelling in peak morning or evening traffic.

Taxi touts or ‘pirate taxis’ wait outside the gates of the arrival hall. It is advisable to arrange your transport before exiting the closed areas of the airport. Credit card is not accepted by metered taxis, so please be prepared to pay in cash.

NOTE: In all taxis, make sure you request to use the taxi meter before you start your journey. Some drivers refuse to use the meter and will negotiate a flat fee with you before taking you. Be aware that the flat fee is usually more expensive and can be hard to negotiate.

Making payments

ATMs are easily accessible at the airport lobby or in shopping malls around the city. It is not necessary to make large cash withdrawals as Master and VISA credit cards are readily accepted as payment at nearly all stores, restaurants and hotels.

Internet access

Access to wireless Internet is strictly limited to hotels and restaurants that provide Wi-Fi passwords upon check-in or ordering food from their premises. Alternatively, prepaid SIM cards with Internet data can be purchased at the airport or any newsagencies.


Malaysia offers a wide choice of culinary delights. Places to eat include five-star hotel restaurants, fast food restaurants, sidewalk cafes, delicatessens and hawker stalls.


Tipping is not common in Malaysia unless exceptionally good service is provided. Most hotels and large restaurants add a 10 per cent service charge in addition to the 6 per cent government tax to the bill (indicated by a ++ sign on menus and rate cards).


There are both local and international banks in Malaysia. Malaysia also offers offshore banking facilities through their Labuan Offshore platform. Malaysia’s banking system is fairly advanced but is still very highly regulated by the Central Bank of Malaysia.

Documents required depend on the type of services required from the banks by the foreign business. ANZ has representation in Malaysia through its acquisition of 23.8 per cent of the shares in AmBank Group Berhad.

The Central Bank has made information available to protect consumers through an online portal.