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Current business situation

The Netherlands is a significant investment and trading partner for Australia. It is Australia’s third largest export market within the EU, with A$2.6 billion in goods and services. Significant Australian merchandise exports to the Netherlands include coal, other ores and concentrates, medical instruments, beef, and oil seeds and oleaginous fruits (such as olives). 

Business culture

Dutch business people are experienced in conducting international business. While broadly similar to Australian business practice the Dutch approach has a higher emphasis on order, hierarchy and formality. It is usual that company representatives address each other by their surname.

For meetings, especially at the executive level, approximately six weeks’ notice is required. Punctuality is very important, if you are late for a meeting call ahead to advise and give as much notice as possible. The peak summer holiday months of July and August are difficult to arrange meetings. In addition, many companies shut down over the Christmas and New Year period.

The official language is Dutch. English is widely spoken, but it is courteous to check with your business contact prior to meeting.

Setting up in Market

Holland Trade and Invest has information for those considering setting up a business in The Netherlands.

Banking and finance

Amsterdam and Rotterdam are the major centres for international business and commerce. Most major international banks have a presence in both cities and most banks will have English-speaking staff.

Links and resources

Government, business and trade

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EU Taxation and Customs Union
Holland Trade and Invest

News and media

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