The arrival hall at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is directly connected to the train system with service links across Netherlands and Belgium. Train journey times from Schiphol to:

  • Amsterdam Central Station is 15 minutes
  • The Hague is 30 minutes
  • Rotterdam is 50 minutes.

Ground transport

Public transport in the Netherlands is the preferred mode of ground transport.

Train, tram and bus services are comprehensive and inexpensive. Taxis are expensive but are kept to a high standard. Information for planning your journey can be found on GBV.

You can hire a car through all major car rental companies either in advance or upon arrival.


A popular destination for conferences and exhibitions, it is worth booking accommodation well in advance. There is a wide range of accommodation, such as international hotel chains, luxury hotels and local pensions.


Cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Maastricht have a wide range of restaurants.


Service charges of 15 per cent are added as standard to most hotel and restaurant bills, although an additional five to 10 per cent tip is expected in the top restaurants.

Where service is not added, it is usual to leave a tip of 15 per cent. Taxis will expect a 10 per cent tip, but other tipping is discretionary.

Tourist attractions

The Netherlands is a popular tourist destination. For more information, visit The Netherlands Tourism Board.