The international gateway is Tontouta airport, 52km north of Noumea. There are regular connections from Australia operated by Qantas and AirCalin (Air Calédonie International).

Shuttle services to hotels in Noumea are available on arrival. Private transfers or taxis must be booked in advance and due to the long distance the cost is high. Check details in advance of your arrival with your travel agent or your accommodation. 

Ground transport

Taxis are available at ranks, but they should be ordered by phone and cannot be hailed. Fares are metered and there is no bargaining. There is a public bus system, though it is not recommended, as they are not always on time.

Vehicles are left hand drive and drive on the right hand side of the road. Hire cars are readily available (international licence is preferred, but Australian licences are accepted for short term use). Manual transmission is most common and if automatic is required, it should be requested when booking a hire car. Road toll fatalities are high in regional and rural areas, see Smart Traveller for further advice.


A range of hotels are available in New Caledonia. Hotel rates vary, but regular business travellers may negotiate according to the frequency of their stays.


Tipping is not expected in New Caledonia.