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Current business situation

New Zealand and Australia signed a Free Trade Agreement in 2009 with the ASEAN regional block of 10 countries. The ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) aims to liberalise and facilitate trade in goods, services and investment between New Zealand, Australian and the ASEAN economies. It contains measures to improve the business environment and promote cooperation in a broad range of economic areas of mutual interest.

The Australia New Zealand Closer Economic Agreement (ANZCERTA) has been in place since 1983. The Closer Economic Relations (CER) between New Zealand and Australia is one of the most comprehensive, effective and World Trade Organization (WTO)-compatible free trade agreements in the world.

Building on CER, is the creation of a seamless trans-Tasman Single Economic Market (SEM) business environment. Previous work has been achieved around food standards, services protocol, free movement of people, trans-Tasman mutual recognition arrangement and investment protocol.

Business culture

In general, business etiquette is very similar to Australia. Face-to-face meetings are often very important to cement business relationships and prompt replies to enquires are critical.

Generally, visits should be planned well in advance allowing up to four weeks’ notice of an unsolicited meeting. Occasionally, visits can be organised with two weeks’ notice, but allowing additional time is advised to ensure a smooth program. Punctuality is very important. Austrade offers services with regard to the planning and scheduling of appointments.

New Zealanders often take holidays during school holiday periods and over public holidays (e.g. Easter and Christmas). Therefore visits during these times may not be productive.

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News and media

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