Doing business

Current business situation

Norway owes its success to its massive petroleum wealth, combined with prudent fiscal management and strong policy response to curb the effects of the global financial crisis. Major companies include Statoil, DNB, Norsk Hydro, Yara International and Telenor.

Norway has a very open economy and the Norwegian prosperity and high level of employment are dependent on trade with other countries. Today Norway export goods and services such as fish and fish products, oil, metals and maritime services, to all corners of the world.

Business culture

Generally speaking Norwegian business culture is similar to that of Australia. There are some differences and the following will assist in developing good relationships:

  • Appointments should be set up well in advance.
  • Be punctual and even if you are only a few minutes late for a business meeting, call and explain the delay.
  • Shake hands with everyone in the room when you arrive and before you leave.
  • Exchange of business cards follows after an initial small talk.
  • Norwegians generally address each other rather informally.

Setting up in Market

Nortrade, Norway’s trade and investment body has information for those considering setting up a business.

Banking and finance

Olso is the financial centre of Norway. Major Norwegian banks include DNB ASA, Landkreditt and SpareBank 1. 

Links and resources

Government, business and trade

Norwegian Customs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Statistics Norway

News and media

Aftenposten (Norwegian only)
Dagbaldet (Norwegian only)

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