All the large cities and towns have airports catering for both international and domestic flights. There are more than 50 airports, serviced through regular routes, making remote places such as the Lofoten Islands, the North Cape and Spitsbergen (Svalbard) easily accessible by plane.

If taking a taxi from the airport, please be aware that different taxi companies operate at different rates. It is best to agree on a fixed price in advance and it may be best to compare at least two quotes before making your choice.

It is recommended to the taxi information desk (usually located in the arrivals hall), where you will find information about the different companies fixed rates to various destinations. The information desk can also book a taxi for you.

Ground transport

Taxis are available throughout the cities and towns at the many taxi ranks, hailed in the street or booked via phone. Any taxi company can be picked and the first car in line at the rank does not have to be chosen. If you want to pay by credit card, inform the driver at the start of the trip.

You can hire a car through all major car rental companies either in advance or upon arrival.


There is a wide range of accommodation for all budgets.


There is a wide range of dining options for all budgets.


Although service charges are included at restaurants, tipping is discretionary. Good service usually receives a ten per cent tip.