The ‘Frederyk Chopin’ airport in Warsaw is about 10 kilometres from the city centre. Transit time to and from the city centre takes about 15–45 minutes depending on traffic and the cost ranges from US$2 by bus, to US$15 by taxi. Hotel shuttle buses and limousine services are also available.

Ground transport

If you want to drive in Poland you must have an international driver's licence (IDL), which you will have to purchase before coming to Poland. In Australia, you can get an IDL from the relevant motoring organisations in the state or territory where you hold your current driver’s licence.

International car hire companies operate in Poland. Roads are of variable standard, and there are few freeways. Highways between major centres can be very congested and driving habits are considerably less safe than in Australia.


Poland has good choice of four and five-star hotels. All hotels accept major credit cards and staff speak English.


There are plenty of good quality restaurants offering local and international cuisine. Most accept major credit cards.


The average tip is 10 - 15 per cent of the bill. Tipping for taxis and other services is not obligatory, however you can tip to show the appreciation of the service.