The ROK's main international airport, Incheon International Airport, is located 52km from the centre of Seoul.

Some regional international flights also operate from Gimpo Airport (Seoul) and Busan (ROK's largest trading port), including Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport. Most domestic flights depart Seoul from Gimpo Airport.

Airport buses link the Incheon and Gimpo Airports (approximately 30 minutes travelling time). A number of airport limousine bus services and the ROK's subway service connect travellers between Gimpo Airport and Seoul.

Ground transport

There are several ways to travel from Incheon International Airport to downtown Seoul. The most popular ways include taking the Airport Railroad Express (AREX), Seoul Metropolitan Subway, airport limousine buses and taxis.


The Incheon Airport Railroad Express (AREX) is the fastest way to get to the city. It runs nonstop from Incheon International Airport Station to Seoul Station in just 43 minutes. Seoul Station is a huge transportation hub providing access to the city and outside Seoul. AREX also runs an all stop train which takes 56 minutes.


Travel time by car to and from the airport via the new Incheon expressway takes between 60-75 minutes depending on the traffic. The toll for vehicles using the expressway is W7600 one way.

Limousine bus

If you are staying in one of the major four or five-star hotels in Seoul, the most convenient way to get there from Incheon Airport is the limousine bus. The cost is approximately W10000-W16000 one way and takes between 70-90 minutes. For further information please visit the website of Incheon (ICN) International Airport - Bus Routes.


For a one-way journey, a normal taxi will cost approximately W60000 to W65000 plus W7600 expressway toll. A 20 per cent surcharge is payable between midnight and 4am. 

The black deluxe taxi service will cost approximately W81000 to get to the Seoul City Hall which is located in the centre of Seoul. Deluxe taxis are black with a yellow stripe. They don’t have a late-night surcharge.

Drivers have limited English, but some taxis have a free interpretation service (dial 080-840-0505). You are able to speak to the interpreter in English, and the interpreter talks to the taxi driver in Korean. Writing the destination down can help as most drivers s are better at understanding written rather than spoken English. All taxis have meters and many taxis accept credit cards. 

Seoul City’s official foreign language taxi service is also designed for use by foreigners residing in Seoul or simply visiting. For further information, visit the International Taxi website.


Average rates for a standard room range from A$250 - $450 per night. A 10 per cent service charge is payable at all hotels but no Value Added Tax (VAT) is imposed on foreign visitors. The Korea Tourism Organisation provides extensive and valuable information in English on accommodation.

Tourist attractions

The Korea Tourism Organisation provides extensive information in English on transport, events, places to eat, accommodation, airline contact details and ROK-wide travel maps.