Doing business

Current business situation

Challenges for doing business in the Solomon islands

  • scattered islands creates logistical challenges
  • taxation constraints
  • reasonably high cost of doing business – energy, communications, logistics and transportation, etc.
  • land tenure issues – customary ownership, limited supply of registered land (10-15 per cent).

Business culture

Setting up business meetings is very much an informal exercise. Be aware that Solomon Islands operates on ‘island time’. The person with whom you arrange to meet may not show up so it's always best to re-confirm appointments. On the other hand, it is possible to schedule meetings at short notice. It is often a case of “give me a call when you get here” and sometimes you can even just turn up without an appointment. If the person is not there, call back later.

Business attire is also informal. Short sleeve shirts and trousers are acceptable and there is no need for jackets and ties.

Private sector growth continues to be the engine for economic growth and development. Investment opportunities centre on the following key sectors: 

  • forestry
  • fishery
  • tourism
  • agriculture
  • the services sector.

Links and resources

Solomon Islands Tourism Promotion Authority
Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Solomon Islands Foreign Investment Division
Company Haus of Solomon Islands
Central Bank of Solomon Islands

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