Switzerland has multiple large international airports, including:

Basel – EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

Berne – Bern Airport

Geneva – Aéroport International de Genève

Zurich – Zurich Airport

A number of airlines operate domestic flights between cities.

Ground transport

In all major cities have good and inexpensive public transport.

Often the best link between cities is by train, either high-speed or conventional, which are clean and reliable.

Taxis are readily recognisable and can be booked in advance, hailed on the street or picked up from designated ranks. Fares are metered, but some taxis do not take credit cards.

Switzerland has an extensive network of freeways servicing all major centres. Please note that the Swiss drive on the right side of the road and distances are marked in kilometres.

You can hire a car through all major car rental companies either in advance or upon arrival.


There is a wide range of accommodation for all budgets.


There is a wide range of dining options for all budgets.


Tipping is approximately five to ten per cent and applies generally to services such as taxis, restaurant bills and hairdressers.

Tourist attractions

Switzerland is a major tourist destination, for more information visit SwitzerlandTourism. Each Canton (state) will also have a website for more regional information.