Business risks

Australian companies are advised to spend time investigating the market, obtain professional advice where appropriate and thoroughly investigate the issues in entering the market and before establishing business relationships.

Australian firms wishing to operate in this market should commit to the highest level of corporate behaviour and familiarise themselves with Australia's laws and penalties pertaining to bribery of foreign officials.

Bribery of foreign public officials is a crime. Australian individuals and companies can be prosecuted in Australia for bribing foreign officials when overseas. Further information on the regulations governing bribery of foreign public officials is available.

For further information on frauds, scams, personal and asset security, intellectual property protection and other business risks please read more about legal issues.

Intellectual property protection

Taiwan has relatively strong Intellectual Property (IP) protection, pursuant to international standards. World leading ICT players, such as Apple, HP and Dell have strong OEM/ODM partnerships with Taiwan.

Treat your business security interests with the same care and diligence that you do in Australia. Take steps to ensure the protection of your intellectual property rights, such as patent, design and trademark by registering with the Chinese Taipei Intellectual Property Office. Ensure any business contracts are reviewed and authenticated by a legal consultant to avoid trade dispute.