At Chiang Kai-Shek International Airport in Taipei, taxis are readily available outside the terminal, major hotels offer airport transfers, with public bus being the cheaper option.

Ground transport

There are a number of options for transport in and around Taipei and country areas. Taxi is the most convenient and cheap means for travel in Taipei City, with metered fares.

The Mass Rapid Transit is an efficient train network, but only available in Taipei. There is a train that circles the island with good service and a range of travel classes.

Car hire is also available and internal licenses issued by the Motor Vehicle Supervision Department are valid for three to six months. There are numerous car rental companies available offering this service.


Avoid the up-market hotels as there are plenty of mid-range cost hotels all over Taiwan.


Try to eat outside of the hotel (where the cost is generally higher) – there are vast numbers of convenience stores and cheaper eateries located all over the major cities with a good range of fast and healthy Chinese and Western-style foods.


There is no need to tip in Taiwan, as a service charge is already incorporated in the bill.