Expanding your business internationally

How Austrade can help

Thinking about expanding your business internationally?

If so, you may decide to invest offshore. Or perhaps you already have an overseas presence. Either way, Austrade can help you to succeed by providing practical on-the-ground advice and support.

Whether your plans are to open a marketing office, establish a joint venture, set up a manufacturing plant, or grow your business from an established offshore investment, Austrade’s knowledge of commercial practices and in-market contacts in business and government can assist you in achieving your business objectives.

Here are some of the ways we can help clients to successfully invest offshore:

  • We can provide information about markets and industry trends in particular countries or regions, to assist in the development of investment plans, strategies or objectives.
  • We can make introductions to potential international partners, buyers and other in-market contacts.
  • We can supply referrals to service providers who can give you specialist advice, such as lawyers, business advisors and investment promotion agencies.
  • We can facilitate access to international governments and other relevant overseas decision-makers in the market.
  • We can advise about the process of establishing an overseas business.
  • We can offer ongoing support, including help in identifying market opportunities, tendering for projects and promoting the business in the market.

Austrade will tailor its services to meet your business needs; some assistance is available free of charge, while other more tailored services may incur a charge.

To find out more: Submit your enquiry or call Austrade Direct on 13 28 78 (within Australia only).