Promote tourism careers

Is your region/ business attractive for tourism workers? Need to better promote tourism career pathways and opportunities? The following tools may assist.

Tourism and Hospitality Careers – Resources Kit for Career Advisors

As part of the Canberra Tourism Employment Plan, the tourism and hospitality industry identified a need to better promote the variety of career opportunities the sector has to offer.

As a result, a resources kit outlining the range of career opportunities available in the tourism and hospitality sector has been developed, targeted at school career advisors and parents. The kit contains information on the benefits of working in the tourism and hospitality sectors, infographics, and profiles of successful employees in the industry.

Discover Your Career

Through Tourism 2020, the Australian Government provided initial seed funding for the development of a sustainable career campaign which is now industry-led and funded through the Tourism and Hospitality Careers Council. The campaign seeks to change perceptions about careers in tourism and hospitality by targeting high school students, mature aged, Indigenous workers, current workers and people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Visit Discover Your Career.