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Read the Caravan Parks Grant Program Guidelines and information on this page to help you apply.

Applications must:

Application form

Submit the application form in the SmartyGrants portal. 

Caravan Parks Grant application form 

Applications close on 22 December 2022, 4:00pm AEDST.

Attachment criteria

The application form includes text limits of 600 words per assessment criterion. You can provide up to 5 optional attachments to support your answer to assessment criterion 2. You must reference any relevant attachments in your answer to assessment criterion 2.

You will need to provide evidence to support your application. The amount of detail and evidence should be relative to the size of your project. This includes complexity and grant amount requested.

Check your evidence

Gather your supporting documents, including a project plan, budget, timelines, and risk assessment plan. You’ll need to include:

  • evidence of matching cash through either:
    • bank statement in your business name showing the matching cash amount
    • signed letter from the business owner, financial controller/manager or accountant confirming that the matching cash is available for the project
  • evidence of your site(s) composition or layout showing 40 or more powered sites used for short term visitor accommodation. Powered sites refer to caravan or camping sites and cabins.
  • the ownership structure of your organisation (if you own or operate multiple parks and are applying for multiple grants). Clearly show how the parks fit into the structure.
  • a copy of current Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency for the caravan park, and each caravan park if you are applying for multiple grants
  • a project budget including the main costs and what the grant funding and matching cash will be used for
  • evidence that your project will be ready to begin early 2023 and can be completed by 15 May 2024. This evidence can be (but is not limited to):
    • statements from suppliers
    • detailed project plans.
  • a copy of the trust deed (for eligible trustees) that confirms that the trustee has the power to enter into a contract on behalf of the applicant.

The following documents are optional and can be included to support your answer to assessment criterion 2. You can include up to 5 optional attachments. This could include:

  • relevant development or other government approvals
  • building plans, designs/drawings, quotes or estimates from contractors
  • risk assessment or risk mitigation plan.

How to write your application

Use these tips when writing your grant application. This can help the grant assessor understand your project proposal.

Be clear

Show how:

  • your business meets the eligibility criteria
  • your project will achieve realistic outcomes
  • you will use the grant funding
  • you plan to complete the project in the set timeframes.

Be concise

You’ll need to:

  • write clear and short answers to help the assessor understand your business and project plan
  • provide facts only – your information must be accurate. It could be audited.
  • answer all questions but don’t repeat the same information.

Be compelling

Show how your:

  • project improves the quality, quantity and accessibility of your accommodation and its environmental friendliness
  • project can increase visitor numbers, bookings and visitor spend.

Resources and sample templates

You can refer to the sample application form when preparing to apply. You must make declarations and attach certain documents with your online grant application. Use the sample templates below to prepare those documents.

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