Australia: Primed for investment and trade

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) has released its Why Australia Benchmark Report 2021 (BMR).


Financial services giant shapes a digital future from Sydney hub

Australia’s high adoption of contactless and device-based payments, coupled with the presence of top-tier financial and retail institutions, were pivotal factors in Mastercard’s decision to set up a g ...

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Sledgehammer Games sets its sights on Australian talent

The US games developer finds exceptional developers in Australia for its blockbuster titles.

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Sun Metals Corporation finds a sustainable future in Australia

Australia is powering the next phase of Sun Metals’ growth as the Korean-owned zinc refiner expands into green hydrogen.

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Accenture invests in Australia’s future

Accenture is establishing an Australian Delivery Hub in Adelaide, bringing world-class capabilities in advanced technologies, intelligent operations and cyber security to Australia.

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Australia’s weeds prove fertile ground for US ag science firm

Australia’s reputation for excellence in agricultural innovation, rigorous regulatory approval process, and standing as one of the largest food exporters in the world spurred global agricultural scien ...

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Medicinal cannabis venture puts down roots in Queensland

A rich farming region in southern Queensland has proved the perfect location for a Canadian company’s extensive Australian operations. Asterion is building one of the world’s biggest glasshouse projec ...

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Canadian miner capitalises on golden opportunity in Victoria

Australia’s proud mining history, the quality of its workers and high working standards were instrumental in bringing Canadian mining and exploration company Kirkland Lake Gold to the Victorian gold f ...

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Major energy group banks on hydrogen to power the future

Canadian utilities giant ATCO was struck by Australia’s unique ability to make green hydrogen by harnessing its abundant sunshine. This capacity, combined with the country’s can-do attitude and commit ...

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