I have some business contacts overseas and want to export coal or iron ore (or other mineral commodities)

Australia is a major producer and exporter of bulk minerals such as iron ore and coal as well as a variety of other minerals - as such, Australia has enormous capability in exploration and mining development. However, most production of mineral commodities is tied up in long term contractual arrangements with end users such as power stations and steel mills. You will find that bulk commodities suppliers, including mining and energy companies, have dedicated sales portals attached to their websites where they welcome sales enquiries from around the world and prefer to engage with potential new customers via this channel. These types of products are also listed on global commodities markets, where contracts to buy and sell are freely traded.

The Minerals Council of Australia website has an online directory of members that includes some of the larger suppliers of these commodities.

Austrade's industry overview pages provide information on a number of related export capabilities, including mining equipment, technology and services (METS), oil and gas, and energy (including clean energy).

We regularly receive enquiries from traders and inexperienced individuals, often they have not received a response from a mining company and they want the Australian Government to intervene. Anecdotally, they usually don't receive a response because their "large" order is actually relatively small and/or the product is in high demand. Culturally, some Asian customers expect the government to control the market.

Their best option would be to speak with commodities traders to secure shipments. We also get traders calling us!

For general advice on exporting, see Guide to Exporting.