Australian Consulate in Prague


Welcome to the Australian Consulate in Prague, the representative office of the Australian Government in the Czech Republic, led by Honorary Consul, Ms Jana Kvasnicova. Diplomatic mission for the Czech Republic is located in Poland at the Australian Embassy in Warsaw.



LIMITED CONSULAR SERVICES: The Consulate is being refurbished from Monday, 16 March 2020 until Monday, 6 April 2020 


  • Before you visit the Australian Consulate we kindly ask you to call us and make an appointment. 

  • Payments for passport and notarial Services accepted in CZK by MasterCard & Visa Debit or Credit Cards ONLY.

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Emergency assistance

If you are an Australian in the Czech Republic and need help in an emergency outside of the Consulate's office hours, please call the Consular Emergency Centre on 00 61 2 6261 3305.

Travelling or moving overseas

  • Travel advice and hints
    Get the latest travel advisories and other traveller hints from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.    
  • Passports
    Apply for passport online and learn necessary information and photograph requirements.
  • Lodging passport application in the Czech Republic
    You can lodge a passport application at the Consulate during office hours. Please make an appointment prior to your visit. Passport fees are payable in Czech currency at the time of lodgement. Please note that fees in Czech crown are based on current exchange rate and may change every 1st day of each month.
  • Approved occupational groups for guarantors/referees
    Who can act as a guarantor/referee for passport when overseas.
  • Other travel documents
    As our Consulate has a status of honorary consulate only, we cannot issue emergency passports (EP). You must travel to the nearest Australian mission to obtain your EP. We can issue a Provisional Travel Document (PTD) which is valid for one single journey only, no transfer permitted.
  • Notarial Services
    If you need certified copies of documents, to witness your signature on a document (due to a limitation of what we can witness, please contact the Consulate for confirmation), or to issue a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage, you may visit the Consulate during office hours. Please make an appointment prior to your visit. Please note that a fee is charged for this service, payable in Czech crowns.
  • Getting married in the Czech Republic
    In order to marry in the Czech Republic you need to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI). CNIs issued by the Australian Consulate in Prague are accepted by local marriage registries. Czech marriage registries may not accept CNI issued in another country due to specific requirements of Czech law. Australian Consulate in Prague issues CNI in both, English and Czech language, for convenience of Australian citizens. It contains, above other information such as name, citizenship, address of permanent residency and date and place of birth, marital status of applicant.
    To obtain CNI you will need to:
    • complete and sign the Application for Certificate of No Impediment (pdf). This can be signed in our Consulate in the presence of the Consular Officer or in the presence of a notary public;
    • produce your current Australian passport;
    • if you are divorced or widowed you will need to produce original of the relevant decree nisi or death certificate of your late spouse;
    • pay the fee.
    • CNI must be authenticated by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). A fee of CZK 600,- applies. A stamp of this value must be purchased prior visiting MFA (available for purchase in any branch of Czech Post). Processing time for up to 10 documents is one business day. Contact details of MFA’s Legalization department are: Hradcanske nam. 5, Prague 1, telephone: +420 224 18 21 88 or +420 224 18 2527, Office hours are Mon, Wed: 8am – 12pm and 1:30pm – 5pm; and Tue, Fri: 8am – 12pm. For full information go to MFA web site.
    Please note that CNI is valid for six months from the date of issue.
    For more information about the marriage requirements in the Czech Republic, visit the web site of the Czech Ministry of Interior: marriage between Czech citizen and citizen of another country in the Czech Republic.

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Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9.00am–12.00pm
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Due to the complexity of consular & notarial services we ask you to arrive at least 30 minutes before the office closes. Thank you for your understanding.


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