Atmo Biosciences – Monitoring gut health with an ingestible gas-sensing capsule

October 2019

Australian digital health startup Atmo Biosciences is commercialising a world-first, patented, ingestible gas-sensing capsule technology. The Atmo gas capsule detects clinically important gaseous biomarkers at their source as it passes through the gut and transmits the data wirelessly to the cloud for aggregation and analysis.

Gut disorders are among the most common ailments in the world, affecting one in five people, with many cases remaining undiagnosed or unresolved. However, intestinal physiology has historically been a ‘black box’, with clinicians forced to rely on indirect diagnostic measures and trial-and-error to determine individual physiology, disease state and response to therapy.

Atmo Biosciences 

By directly and selectively detecting the clinically important gaseous biomarkers produced in the gut at the source of production, the Atmo technology enables doctors to provide better targeted therapies to manipulate the microbiome (such as diet or antibiotics).

This will help improve the management of common conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, resulting in earlier relief of symptoms and a better quality of life for millions of sufferers, as well as healthcare cost savings.

Atmo CEO Mal Hebblewhite says the Atmo capsule has the potential to aid gastrointestinal clinical practice and become a new gold standard for monitoring gut wellness, dysfunction and disease.

Atmo licensed the technology in 2018 from RMIT University and Alfred Health, where it was developed over nine years under the leadership of Professor Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh and Professor Peter Gibson. The technology underwent multiple animal trials and a first in-human trial, which attracted enormous interest and publicity.

Atmo is using seed capital raised in 2019 to fund further development of the capsule, as well as clinical trials to further de-risk the commercial pathway and prepare for regulatory approval in the key export markets of Europe and North America.

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