By empowering patients, Blamey Saunders Hears reshapes the hearing industry

May 2019

The Blamey Saunders Hears (BSH) story is as much about reforming access and payment models for medical technology, as it is about the world-leading devices themselves.

"In contrast to most wearable companies in the market, we focus first on a deep understanding of what our client needs and their journey to hearing health. The tech comes after that,” CEO Michelle Lawson.

Founded in 2008, BSH has continuously innovated its hearing aid technology, its customer service and its business model. What has never changed is the company’s commitment to provide affordable access to technology that can improve the lives of people experiencing hearing loss.

Demonstrating using IHearYou with Facett

For BSH, this client-centric approach meant they had to put aside what the hearing industry looks like today – and instead focus on what the client wants to achieve, and how best to service them.

The company has developed a blended service model of hearing care that enables the client to – with as much or as little in-person or remotely delivered help as they like – access custom-fit hearing aids and ongoing support in the way that suits them best. The model centres around a hearing aid system called IHearYou. The combined cost of the IHearYou system, ongoing support, and hearing aid provision is less than half of the more traditional model for equivalent devices and services.

BSH provides a simple, clinically validated online ‘Speech Perception’ hearing test, which is free on the BSH website. Based on free test feedback, the user has a range of online or in-clinic options to consider if they need and want to take action. Devices are then delivered directly to their home, pre-programmed with settings based on their hearing test results. BSH provides coaching and counselling through this process.

BSH is now focused on scaling its business across Australia and other English speaking markets. They have won numerous awards for their client-centric approach, including Judges Selection at the UK Tech RocketShip awards, 2018 Australian Good Design Award of the Year and the Overall Winner of Anthill Magazine’s Cool Company awards.

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