Coviu – Breaking down barriers to healthcare access through video consultations

January 2020

Coviu – Breaking down barriers to healthcare access through video consultations

Coviu believes telehealth is the only way to meet the future healthcare needs of an increasingly ageing and digitally enabled population. It is also passionate about breaking down healthcare barriers and enabling equitable healthcare access.

The startup offers software that allows healthcare providers to effortlessly implement telehealth into their practice, empowering them with in-call clinical tools for diagnostics and treatment.

Overcoming barriers to healthcare access

Video calls have become a standard way of doing business in corporations. Yet when it comes to health, patients still need to see providers in person, which places a large burden on many people.

For example, people living in rural and remote areas are significantly disadvantaged when it comes to healthcare access. Similarly, the elderly, disabled and otherwise immobile individuals struggle to make it to physical appointments. Taking time out for medical appointments can also challenge busy families and professionals.

Making video visits a reality

Fortunately, a large number of traditional face-to-face visits can be provided online. Coviu’s telehealth software allows clinicians to do this in a digital setting that mimics brick-and-mortar clinics.


Coviu’s solution was the result of research into telehealth delivery platforms conducted by Australia’s national science agency CSIRO and Data61, the agency’s data sciences arm. Researchers worked with clinicians and healthcare businesses to develop the software.

Coviu’s telehealth solution fits seamlessly into businesses of all sizes, and integrates with calendars and practice management software. It works on any device and is browser-based, meaning neither the clinician nor the patient has to install anything. The platform has hosted over 100,000 client calls and has surpassed 10,000 monthly consultations.

In 2019, Coviu partnered with Healthdirect, the Australian Department of Health’s health information and advice service, to power its video calls. This led to the creation of a new enterprise product with improved real-time workflows designed to mimic physical clinics. There is an on-demand call waiting area for patient triage, assessment and treatment.

Numerous clinical studies support the effectiveness of Coviu telehealth software, which routinely achieves comparable outcomes to traditional face-to-face care.

Global expansion

The majority of Coviu’s customers are Australian; however, the company has pockets of users in the US, the UK, India, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. Following its partnership with Healthdirect and continued success in the Australian market in 2019, Coviu is planning to expand into the US soon.

Coviu is in the process of developing clinical tools using artificial intelligence, to give clinicians more capabilities in a video call. For example, its PhysioROM project for remote assessment of range-of motion is currently going through clinical trials.

The company has also announced integration plans with Australian digital healthcare company ResApp, which offers technology that clinically diagnoses respiratory illnesses by assessing cough sounds.

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