Harrison.ai – An artificial intelligence tool developed to increase IVF success rates

March 2020

Harrison.ai is a Sydney-based software company that builds artificial intelligence (AI) tools for the medical industry. The company partners with healthcare companies and develops and deploys AI to solve specific healthcare challenges. Its customised tools are then integrated into clinical workflows for use by doctors and clinicians to improve healthcare outcomes.

Help for assisted reproduction

One of Harrison.ai’s partnerships is with an Australian assisted reproductive services organisation, Virtus Health (Virtus). Virtus has one of the world’s largest networks of fertility specialists and provides in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatments for patients in Australia, Singapore, Ireland and Denmark.

One of the challenges of IVF treatment is selecting embryos for implantation that have the highest chances of proceeding to full term. Harrison.ai has improved the success rate for implantation by applying AI techniques to time-lapse incubation videos.

The embryo AI selection tool developed by Harrison.ai – called IVY – can identify embryos with improved foetal prospects. Following validation, the tool can increase the rate of correctly identifying the most viable embryo for a single embryo transfer from around 65% to around 93%.

Peer-reviewed and patent-pending technology

Harrison.ai The IVY technology has been peer-reviewed in the Human Reproduction, Vol. 34 No. 6 (21 May 2019) publication, in an article entitled ‘Deep learning as a predictive tool for foetal heart pregnancy following time-lapse incubation and blastocyst transfer.’

The IVY technology is protected in a granted Australian innovation patent. A corresponding pending international patent application is awaiting nationalisation in various countries. These patents recognise a technological advancement in fertility technology from using deep learning.

A partnership with Sweden-based Vitrolife will take the IVY technology global. Founded in 1994, Vitrolife is one of the early pioneers of assisted reproduction. The company is using the IVY technology to enhance embryo selection in multiple countries. 

AI-powered diagnostics in radiology

Harrison.ai is applying AI techniques to multiple areas of medicine. For example, the company has partnered with I-MED Radiology Network (I-MED), which has 240 imaging clinics across Australia. The partnership is aiming to develop a deep learning model that can predict a broad range of radiological findings which can meaningfully assist and enhance radiologists in their clinical workflow.

Radiology-related AI also has global prospects. Harrison.ai has created a joint venture company with I-MED called Annalise.ai that will develop a set of AI-powered diagnostic tools to support radiologists before, during and after image analysis and interpretation.

Annalise.ai has initial plans to expand in Europe and the US. 

In December 2019, Harrison.ai announced it had raised A$29 million in a Series A funding round. The funding round was led by Blackbird Ventures, with investment from Horizons Ventures, Skip Capital and Ramsay Health Care.

The company will use the funding to hire more data scientists, AI engineers and software engineers, as well as clinicians and medical professionals.

The company is also looking to develop new applications in areas where AI technologies can be impactful such as pathology and hospital operations.

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