Perx Health – Motivating patients to better health

October 2019

Perx Health offers a digital program that uses behavioural science and consumer engagement techniques to help patients adhere to their treatment plans, improve their health behaviours and achieve better outcomes.

In almost every chronic condition, patients struggle to adhere to their treatment plans. One in three people are now living a chronic condition, and poor adherence has dire consequences for patient health outcomes, drives escalating healthcare costs and creates a burden on healthcare systems. The problem is so pervasive the World Health Organization has stated that ‘increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have a far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatments’.


Perx Health uses proven behavioural science and consumer engagement tactics to deliver programs which help patients achieve adherence rates of over 85%, compared to typical baseline rates of between 40% and 60%. The programs guide patients to optimal health outcomes, prevent avoidable hospitalisations and ensure treatments are effectively administered.

Perx Health’s technology consists of an easy-to-use patient app, clinical management dashboards and an enterprise solution, which makes treatment plan management simpler, more motivating and much more rewarding.

Perx Health programs have been implemented by some of the leading healthcare organisations in Australia. These include NSW Health, the largest healthcare system in Australia, global pharmaceutical companies and leading insurers.

These customers have achieved outstanding outcomes for patients, achieving adherence rates in excess of 85% in commercial programs. The outcomes have also been clinically validated in research undertaken by the University of Sydney and University of Technology, Sydney.

Perx Health recently signed its first customer in the US, and is exploring potential opportunities in Asia, ensuring patients worldwide can benefit from better motivation and better health.

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