Seer Medical – Epilepsy diagnostics in the comfort of the home

October 2019

Founded in 2017, Seer Medical is Australia’s largest provider of epilepsy diagnostic services. The Australian startup empowers people to take greater control of their health by improving access to fundamental diagnostic services.

Seer provides ambulatory at-home video-EEG-ECG monitoring to address issues of accessibility and long wait times. The company utilises cloud technology, clinical capabilities and engineering expertise to improve access and comfort for patients that require long-term monitoring. By enabling the monitoring to take place in the home, the solution also frees up critical hospital resources.

The Seer Cloud enables doctors to make diagnoses and review patient data securely from anywhere in the world. The Seer app engages users to log their events and identifies previously hidden patterns in their cycles, giving them more control over the management of their seizures.


Seer was a participant in the ANDHealth+ program. ANDHealth+ is an Australian organisation providing commercialisation support programs for digital health companies. Since commencing with ANDHealth+ in 2017, over 1,500 patients have been referred to Seer. The company is continually building on what is already one of the world’s largest epilepsy databases.

Seer was born out of applied clinical research and the spirit of continuous development informs everything the company does. With in-house engineering, industrial design, manufacturing, web development, mobile application and clinical capabilities, Seer is pioneering developments in wearables, seizure forecasting and patient informatics to lessen the anxiety of epilepsy for patients.

In just three years, Seer has established 17 operational sites across Australia. The company is set for international expansion in 2020, identifying Germany and the UK as the next major targets for a permanent presence.

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