TALi Health – World-first digital platform to treat clinical attention deficits in early childhood

October 2019

Australian developer TALi Health offers a world-first digital platform that identifies and treats clinical attention deficits in early childhood.

Globally, 136 million children have been diagnosed with clinical attention deficits including ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Untreated attention deficits can have long-term effects on the individual, their family, as well as the resources of the education, healthcare and social services systems. Clinical research shows untreated attention deficits can decrease the likelihood of completing school or tertiary study; increase the likelihood of substance abuse and smoking behaviours; and increase comorbidity with mood (depression, anxiety) disorders.

Early intervention offers the greatest opportunity to limit the impact of clinical attention deficits on the child, the family and their support network, by capturing the peak period of neuroplasticity in the developing brain.


The TALi platform offers a world-first solution: a digital, non-invasive, accessible and scalable first-line approach that identifies and treats clinical attention deficits during early childhood.

Powered by over 25 years of research, the platform targets specific attention skills by utilising a digital gamified environment with touchscreen tablet technology. Consisting of TALi Detect and TALi Train apps, it analyses gameplay data to precisely measure attentional capabilities and treat specific cognitive attention deficits to deliver clinically proven results.

The TALi Train digital cognitive attention training program has been deployed in over 30 schools and by over 150 healthcare providers across Australia since launching in July 2018.

TALi Detect, the digital attention assessment tool, will be launched in Victorian primary schools in October 2019, as well as with early adopters in the US.

TALi has begun pre-market activity in the North American, UK and Hong Kong markets. The company is executing pilot programs in US school districts, and in clinics in the US and Hong Kong; commenced collaborations with institutions to assess the efficacy and accuracy of TALi for new indications; and recruited key opinion leaders to advocate for TALi across North America.

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