Let's call it edtech

What is it?

Education technology – or edtech – is the provision of technology solutions for education purposes.

Edtech covers a variety of elements across the educational life cycle and can be classified under broad categories:

Student recruitment and admissions

Testing and assessment

Teaching and learning

Accreditation and credentials management

Data analytics

Internship management

Student financing and parental engagement

Infrastructure tools such as learning management systems

While they sometimes provide a completely integrated solution, Australian edtech companies generally excel at solving one element of the value chain, applied across one or more of the sub-sectors within the education industry.

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Supports and improves the provision of online learning

Enables delivery in markets that were previously inaccessible, such as those in developing countries

Allows connections with customer segments that are not easily engaged in classroom learning, such as adult learners with established careers.

Supports large-scale improvements in labour productivity, particularly for non-classroom based education

Enables assessment at scale and with integrity

Increases student engagement and retention

Enables personalised and adaptive approaches to learning

Facilitates lifelong learning

Supports efficiencies in administrative functions