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Administrative edtech solutions

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Used by over 1,000 schools and 35,000 teachers across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, ClassCover enables schools to book preferred relief teachers. This is done via prioritised notification, phone or email. Schools can connect with new teachers in the area, access a centralised booking calendar and view reports on key absence information.

For more than 20 years Edval has been providing timetabling software, solutions and support to schools across all states and territories as well as Ireland, UK and Asia. Over 800 schools and hundreds of thousands of students rely on Edval Timetables every day. Edval products originated from a research project at the University of Sydney.

ParentPaperwork’s mission is to replace paper forms in schools around the world. The platform automates parent and school forms for smarter data capture, management and reporting and has been designed to offer integration options to other software such as school information systems and school management systems.

Schoolbox is a virtual learning environment comprising a unique, all-in-one learning management system, portal and intranet. It is self or cloud-hosted, integrated, flexible and secure, to simplify communication, collaboration and improve teaching and learning in schools. Schoolbox educational software has been supporting the K-12 education sector since 2002. Over 400,000 users and 520 campuses share, teach and learn online with Schoolbox in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Pakistan.

A teaching and learning ecosystem that connects all members of a school to work together in a supportive, online community. SEQTA Teach follows teachers’ natural workflow, allowing them to complete teaching and administrative tasks through a single interface, while giving principals access to data. SEQTA Engage allows parents to be directly involved in their child’s education. SEQTA Learn allows students to manage all aspects of their school life including their timetable, collaboration with peers and teachers, content, assessments, grades, goal setting and homework.

School solutions

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In developing award-winning educational resources for third-party organisations that are designed to be integrated into school curricula, 2and2 has worked on many interesting projects. Including helping Camp Quality empower children faced with cancer in the family to teaching English as a second language in China, to making education on taxation fun and engaging for the Australian Taxation Office. They also work with private sector companies on school outreach programs.

A global leader in online education, 3P Learning comprises 350 educators, engineers, product designers and other personnel based in 11 countries, servicing schools in more than 100 countries. Their programs cover mathematics, spelling, literacy, reading and science, used by 5.6 million students in over 17,500 schools across the world.

An online, project-driven learning platform where students learn to build a real business and develop entrepreneurial skills. Cashtivity enlivens students’ engagement in maths through dynamic entrepreneurial challenges that use household brand names that teachers and students know and love. Cashtivity’s award winning platform delivers real time interactions between students and real time data for formative assessment.

A design platform for web and mobile that gives anyone the ability to make professional graphics, without needing an advanced skill set. More than 100 million designs by millions of users in 79 countries have been created with Canva. Canva Design School provides teachers and students with a simple new way to design. They can provide view-only access or give classmates or teachers an opportunity to collaborate on the same design.

A platform that offers thousands of quality educational videos designed to support lesson plans and engage students through a BYOD-friendly video platform. It allows educators to conduct assessments through video submission and offers interactive video functionality.

A product that provides Year 12 curriculum focused video lessons, exam practice, and study planning tools for students, teachers and schools. It has also been adapted for the US market, where it is helping students prepare for their SAT exams.

A comprehensive and engaging online program to develop English literacy skills, LiteracyPlanet teaches children aged 5 - 15 the fundamentals of reading, spelling, comprehension, grammar and phonics. It is used in over 40 countries.

A 3D Printing Learning Program for K-8 schools, Makers’ Empire is the first of its kind. It provides K-8 educators with everything they need to implement 3D technology to improve their curriculum, especially in STEM learning areas. Maker’s Empire has assisted hundreds of K-8 schools in Australia, the US and Asia.

The first computer based system that allows students to complete fully worked solutions to problems online and receive instant feedback. Mathspace has a bank of over 30,000 interactive questions from addition to algebra, geometry to graphing, probability to statistics. Curriculum coverage includes Australia, USA, UK and Singapore. It is now also the digital maths teaching platform in Hong Kong public schools.

Currently working with around 100 Australian schools, Maths Pathway trains and enables teachers to run rich learning activities so that students can apply maths in a meaningful context. Teachers work with individuals and small groups, using data to target their teaching. The company is also piloting its model with some schools in the US, the UK and South Africa.

Matific is an adaptive, game-based teaching and learning resource for K-6 mathematics. Matific’s pedagogy combines rich content with interactive games, scaffolding and differentiation for each student. Launched in 2014, Matific is currently available in 26 languages and aligned to mathematics curricula in 46 countries. An independent study conducted by Associate Professor Catherine Attard, an expert in primary mathematics education at Western Sydney University, reported an average increase of 34% in students’ test results after using Matific in the classroom.

Based on cognitive science and artificial intelligence research, Pallas provides virtual science kits using virtual reality and visualisation to enable advanced learning systems for STEM subjects. Pallas products help teachers simplify difficult science concepts by providing innovative inquiry learning activities and teaching methods that are carefully aligned to Australian and US science standards.

A learning application for quiz development, Quizling has partnered with some of Australia’s finest museums and institutions, including the NGA and the National Sports Museum. Delivering challenging and engaging quizzes on all sorts of topics, Quizling allows learners to play, create, share and learn through quizzes. It has thousands of users in countries such as Turkey, Portugal, the US, UK and France.

Designed for today’s classroom, Lightbook incorporates existing resources- textbook, homework book, workbook, study guide, exam preparation and more - into a single digital learning platform. Based on sound academic research, all features of Lightbook are designed to support and enhance learning and student achievement.

The award-winning ARTS:LIVE is a digital classroom for the arts. Launched in 2013, it is used by over 1 million students in more than 70% of Australian schools. The Song Room worked in partnership with leading arts organisations and arts education specialists to produce over 300 hours of teaching content across music, media arts, dance, drama and visual arts.

Through partnering with U.S. School Districts, Verso has evolved as an online professional learning platform empowering teachers with high impact strategies to transform classrooms. Their focus on equity, formative assessment, feedback and collaborative classroom strategies maximises the learning for every student, leading to deep and personalised learning for all.

Verso’s future-ready professional coaching community connects educators to collaborate across curriculum and year levels to best understand the strategies that activate learning through questioning and effective learning design. Verso is designed and built in Australia and currently used in over 10,000 schools around the world.

English language solutions

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An online digital book store, tutor service and interactive teaching tool, Chatty Kidz teaches kids around the world to read and speak English. It supports learning through both face-to-face and technology delivery solutions, by helping local teachers to develop course content, providing video and audio files for learners to use, and interactions with native speakers in real-time. It provides an engaging, fun and academically rigorous platform for students to grow and learn.

Language Your Way makes English language learning fun and immersive via gamification of content, online tutoring and customisable study tours to Australia. Language Your Way works with schools in South-Western China by providing game based learning to supplement online tutoring sessions.

A range of online courses for English for Hospitality, English for Health Professionals, Workplace Communication and World Wide English. They provide a rich multimedia learning environment that presents language in real contexts via video, audio, animation and interactive tasks. All courses can also be delivered by teachers in a classroom or computer lab via blended delivery or in a self-access centre, at home independently or as part of a structured learning program.

RoyalABC offers a world-class, blended learning teacher platform and app for 4-6 year olds in early learning centres and kindergartens across China. The digital teacher platform contains hundreds of hours of pre-built English lessons and do-it-yourself content. English language learning is extended at home through RoyalABC World, an immersive 3D app where students can practice their new language skills in a safe, fun, challenge-based, online environment. RoyalABC is the first blended learning program to integrate Growth Mindset and 21st century skills into English language curriculum, teacher training and technology design, enabling a new standard of education for children globally.

Vocational education and training solutions

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A solution that drives training efficiencies through highly interactive online vocational education and training and assessment support resources. These resources can be delivered in a face-to-face or distance training environment. By rapidly deploying rich training content, Catapult eLearning helps organisations increase the flexibility of their training and student reach. Their product also assists in compliance requirements by tracking and reporting on activity within the system.

A leading developer and supplier of world-class eLearning resources, Didasko Learning Resources services the Vocational Education and Training industry. Specialising in the Hospitality and Retail sectors, and more recently partnering with Business and Aged Care collaborators, its comprehensive resources for training organisations, trainers and learners deliver superior learning outcomes and improved operational effectiveness.

VETtrak is a student management system and an end-to-end service provider for optimising course delivery, job placements, reporting and compliance.

VETtrak has been servicing the VET sector in Australia for over 20 years but has now extended their capabilities across all sectors of education and services over 1450 customers.

Sector agnostic solutions

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For teachers and students who want to write or draw on paper, Inkerz is the bridge between a notepad and the computer screen. Inkerz is an online collaboration platform that takes handwritten words, graphs or annotations and turns it into digital form in real time. Inkerz has recently signed contracts with Chinese partners that will see their technology incorporated into devices sold around the world.

Using experiential education to help design, build and deliver collaborative learning experiences, Intersective connects students and employers at scale. Intersective works with employers and educators to build a Practera program, including learning modules, communications, activities and deliverables. Practera is a cloud based, technology platform designed to support a wide range of experiential learning scenarios, such as internships, business projects, challenges and placements. It enables better collaboration for experiential and work integrated learning programs, which are normally constrained by the availability of resources.

Zeetings is an active learning platform that gets students engaged and helps educators understand the challenges and knowledge level of their class with data-driven insights. With Zeetings, educators and students contribute to each other’s experience before, during and after class by sharing materials, participating in live polls, sharing questions, ideas and more. Zeetings has been used by over 500,000 people including educators at globally renowned tertiary institutions.

Learning management systems

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A learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments. Moodle is a free and open-source software learning management system, developed on pedagogical principles, used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classrooms and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors. Moodle is a world-leading learning and course management system with over 70 million users across 200 countries.

A social online learning platform delivering Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), that focus on peer based learning rather than content delivery. OpenLearning is free for public courses but has an enterprise model for businesses and private course providers who want to restrict participation. Since 2012, more than 280,000 learners have taken more than 1,000 courses offered by around 40 institutions. OpenLearning has over 697,000 students with access to 3700 courses globally. It supplies 15% of Malaysia’s public university courses online.

Over 500 institutions use Smart Sparrow’s global leading, adaptive e-learning platform. Their Adaptive Pathways allow providers to better support at-risk students, motivate high achievers and get the best outcomes from every student. Adaptive Feedback that provides the right information exactly when the student needs it, also guides students to deeper understanding of course content.

Virtual reality solutions

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As the world’s largest supplier of mining equipment simulators, Immersive Technologies develops and deploys Equipment Simulators, Learning Systems, Consulting and Analytics in the resources sector. Immersive Technologies works closely with resource operations and equipment manufacturers to solve real industry problems in areas of safety, productivity, reactive maintenance and the availability of skilled personnel. Our solutions are used by resource companies, contractors, OEM Dealers and training schools 24 hours a day in 40 countries.

Virtual Reality learning and assessment solutions for Australian universities, secondary schools, training entities, large companies, and Government sectors. Sciosity is one of the first companies in the country to successfully use and combine Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Mining Analytics technologies to enhance the relevance of Virtual Reality for educational purposes, rather than just entertainment.

ALSi allows simulation and scenario based medical education to be delivered quickly, easily and intuitively. It is a hyper-flexible patient monitor simulator which uses two wirelessly connected iPads. The lightness and simplicity of ALSi makes it ideal for in-situ training giving facilitators great training tools and learners a realistic platform to learn from. The system includes an AED, sophisticated multi-parameter patient monitor and defibrillator. It can be connected to any manikin and it can be used with standardised patients.

Online assessment solutions

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Janison Solutions develop and deliver award-winning learning and assessment technologies that improve the performance of organisations and the learning experiences of employees and students globally.

Since 1998, Janison has been a leading developer of online platforms for high-stakes assessments. Utilising cloud-hosting technologies, it supports an integrated suite of questions, videos and animations making assessment more interactive and collaborative.

An online assessment and exam delivery platform that allows for the individual building and delivery of e-learning or assessment solutions for K-12, Higher and Corporate Education. Learnosity delivers millions of tests an hour, with digital publishers, testing organizations, cyber schools, learning management systems, certification and awarding bodies, as well as technology companies amongst their clients.

A cloud delivered application that lets teachers transform trusted teaching resources into online, interactive activities and assessments. Literatu connects K-12 learning with assessment, insights and analytics. It transforms formative assessment data into dynamic learning insights for teachers, students and parents. Time savings are significant, teaching is informed and targeted, data drives adaptive learning.

An on-screen marking software and service solution designed for examinations and tests. Rigour is built in right through the marking cycle to ensure equity, accuracy and reliability. The solution presents candidate responses online for marking. It also automates the surrounding workflow to provide an end-to-end assessment solution for certifying authorities, awarding bodies, testing organisations and other educational institutions. MarkManager is highly scalable and supports examinations from a few thousand to millions of scripts, whether conducted at an institutional, regional or national level.

Tutoring services

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An online classroom that connects Australia’s best and brightest educators to students during homework time for one-to-one assistance. Studiosity has delivered over one million online tutorial sessions via partnerships with more than 150 public libraries, hundreds of schools and dozens of higher education institutions around Australia.

Corporate training solutions

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BabbleWire is a research-based, Edtech studio based in Brisbane. They combine Learning Design and Technology to make achievement a reality. They combine the findings of their research and that of their research partners to build world-class solutions corporate solutions.

An end-to-end collaborative learning experience for organisations and their people. It’s an intuitive, feature-rich platform optimised for mobile and desktop, with learning content and learning management solutions.

A global leader in online training and workforce management, e3Learning solutions span different fields including: healthcare, aged care, finance, education, government, manufacturing, aviation, mining and construction.

An on-screen marking software and service solution designed for examinations and tests. Rigour is built in right through the marking cycle to ensure equity, accuracy and reliability. The solution presents candidate responses online for marking. It also automates the surrounding workflow to provide an end-to-end assessment solution for certifying authorities, awarding bodies, testing organisations and other educational institutions. GO1 is highly scalable and supports examinations from a few thousand to millions of scripts, whether conducted at an institutional, regional or national level.

Game-based solutions

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In collaboration with UNSW, Lionsheart Studios developed UniPlay. It allows higher education instructors to create innovative, gamified pedagogical approaches to their subject. Instructors can create university courses that are indistinguishable from videogames. Traditional instructions are seamlessly integrated, transforming study hours into leisure time. UniPlay is used by over 12,000 students and 22 instructors across various universities. The courses range from Economics and International Tax to Paediatrics and Campus Orientation.

An educational app that uses gamification principles and interactivity to connect students with their lecturers and engage them in their university subjects. It was developed at Swinburne University by Dr Grainne Oates and Professor Dan Hunter. Quitch is the first gamified mobile learning platform that provides instruction and assessment, together with a motivational feedback system and robust data analytics. It is currently being used by 10,000 students and is being tested by nearly 100 educational institutions worldwide.