Phytosanitary export certification

Plant export commodities need export certification issued by DAWR and be exported from Australia within 28 days of passing the phytosanitary inspection in Step 4, or within a shorter timeframe if specified by the importing country authority.

DAWR is responsible for issuing export certification as to the phytosanitary status of plant export commodities. Export Permits are required for particular plant commodities being exported from Australia. Exporters must also determine whether the importing country authority requires additional government certification such as a Phytosanitary Certificate.

A Phytosanitary Certificate is issued by DAWR as evidence that it is satisfied the importing country's phytosanitary requirements have been met. These requirements may include pest-free area status, the application of a phytosanitary treatment, or inspection for pests and/or diseases before or after harvest.

Export certification must be issued before the commodity leaves Australia. Exporters need to submit a request for export certification to DAWR, which may require evidence from the exporter to enable it to issue the certification. DAWR will need to assess the evidence provided. This may include documentation of inspection results, treatment certificates, transfer certificate and test results. DAWR will only authorise a consignment once this documentation is correct.

Further information can be found in the Guideline: Issuance of certification for plant exports and the Work Instruction: Validating supporting documents for plant exports.


Request for manual export certification

DAWR needs three business days to assess documentation and issue manual export certification.

Request for electronic export certification

DAWR needs three business days for sea freight and one business day for air freight to assess documentation and issue manual export certification.

What you need to do

  • Submit request for export certification and provide all required supporting documentation.
  • Receive export permit.
    • Cost: $12 per export permit.
  • Receive Phytosanitary Certificate and/or other certification (if applicable).
    • Cost: $50 per electronic phytosanitary certificate. $500 for any replacement documents. Visit DAWR for up-to-date fees and charges.