Registration of inspection and handling establishments

Certain establishments need to be registered with DAWR if they are preparing or inspecting plant export commodities. Different requirements apply to various types of establishments and are intended to manage the risks that the different establishments pose to the integrity of the commodities being prepared and inspected at that specific location.

To register an establishment, the occupier of the establishment needs to submit an application to DAWR. Establishments may be registered for more than one export function. Once DAWR is satisfied that the requirements have been met for all export functions, the establishment will be registered and a certificate of registration sent to the occupier. DAWR will then conduct regular audits to check that the establishment continues to comply with all requirements for its registered export functions. Further information can be found in Volume 7 – Registration of establishments for export of the Plant Export Operations Manual.

Registration of growers, packhouses and treatment facilities

Some countries may require registration of growers, packhouses and treatment facilities for certain commodities. These requirements are intended to manage the risks associated with production activities, packhouse activities and treatments associated with a particular commodity's export pathway. Further information can be found in the relevant MICoR Plants section.

Timeframe for registration processs

You need to register your establishment for the export of plant commodities. DAWR will aim to undertake a physical inspection of the establishment within three business days of your request for an appointment. The inspection may take up to five business days to complete, depending on the establishment's size and operations. DAWR requires 20 business days to process documentation following the physical inspection and written confirmation by the regional office that the facility meets registration requirements.

What you need to do

  • Establishment occupier submits an application to DAWR for registration of their establishment.
  • Establishment is inspected by DAWR.
    • Cost: $600 establishment fee, then depending on the category:
      • $600 fee for small grower-exporters or;
      • $3,000 for establishments exporting to nonprotocol markets or;
      • $6,000 for establishments exporting to protocol markets.
  • Occupier receives certificate of registration.
  • Exporters and occupiers need to register for Industry Advisory Notices (IAN) from DAWR to be alerted to deadlines for registration and inspection for markets and commodities that have additional requirements.
  • Exporters need to make sure their goods are inspected and handled at an establishment that has been registered with DAWR.