Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Export Requirements



Export delivery requirements will depend on the International Commercial Terms (Incoterms). Incoterms are rules for the interpretation of trade terms and help traders in different countries to understand one another by ensuring the buyer and seller know:

  • who is responsible for the cost of transporting the goods, including insurance, taxes and duties
  • where the goods should be picked up from and transported to
  • who is responsible for the goods at each step of delivery.

Australian horticultural exporters with limited supply partnerships should consider a freight forwarder / customs broker service provider to ensure the smooth delivery of their goods to the buyer.

There are a number of organisations that offer export training, including state governments, Export Council of Australia and Chambers of Commerce.

Austrade, Hort Innovation and Australian Horticultural Exporters' and Importers' Association have produced a tool to help horticulture producers consider the right path for their business: direct export, e-commerce or working with a domestic consolidator / brand owner.

What you need to do

  • Ensure you understand your delivery requirements (e.g. Incoterms)
  • Engage a freight forwarder and/or customs broker