Case Study: Bosch

Bosch unlocks smartphone car key innovation


Highly automated cars and keyless entry are two ground-breaking projects that are underway at Bosch Australia, one of the world's largest suppliers to the global automotive industry.

Bosch Australia's 'Perfectly Keyless' system transforms smartphones into car keys. Invented by the automotive electronics group, the system removes the need for vehicle keys by using a driver's smartphone to unlock, lock and start their vehicle.

'Perfectly Keyless is an example of the high-value engineering work that can be done in Australia in a post-passenger vehicle manufacturing environment,' says Gavin Smith, President of Bosch Australia.

To use their digital key, drivers download an app onto their smartphones, and connect their cars to the app. Once they have done this, the smartphone generates a one-off security key that fits their respective vehicle's digital lock. The 'key' can be passed between smartphones for increased mobility.

This Australian innovation is now a global Bosch project spanning three continents and is being prepared for volume production, with a view to be on the market in two years.

Australia is seen as a highly skilled, system-aware, and agile location for engineering. The Bosch vehicle safety division in Australia developed and built Australia's most advanced highly automated driving (HAD) vehicle. The vehicle is a partnership with the Victorian Government, TAC and VicRoads and is being used in trials and demonstrations by government agencies and private companies to inform the development of regulations and infrastructure.

The automotive electronics unit has responsibility for global projects in body computer electronics and has capabilities in emerging fields such as vehicle cyber security and wireless vehicle controls. In Australia, some 200 Bosch engineers work on global and local projects and the company attracts talented engineers from world-class Australian universities.