Case Study: iMove

iMOVE Australia is heading down the road of the future


iMOVE is a 10-year, non-profit collaborative research centre focused on creating better transport systems for people and freight. This is achieved by maximising impact from technological advancements and access to data.

iMOVE specialises in bringing together companies, government and researchers in complex, multidisciplinary R&D and technology development projects over the medium to long term.

Current projects include:

  • a 500-vehicle trial of connected vehicles to investigate V2X (vehicle-to-everything) interactions and evaluate the safety benefits of C-ITS. Project partners are: Transport and Main Roads Queensland and Queensland University of Technology.
  • a survey of Australian transport users to measure their interest in on-demand transport services and Mobility as a Service. Project partners are: ITS Australia, University of South Australia, Transport for NSW / Roads and Maritime Services, Transport for Victoria, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads / Translink, Department of Transport (WA), and the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia.
  • a project to deliver data to support planning of intermodal and general logistics infrastructure around ports, including road and rail links. Project partners are: Department of Transport (WA), Main Roads Western Australia, University of Western Australia and Edith Cowan University.
  • a project to improve the ability of road authorities to predict network performance in the short term using data-driven analytics and to estimate the impact of automated vehicles (AVs) in longer-term predictions. Project partners are Main Roads Western Australia and the University of Western Australia.

Pipeline projects include initiatives to:

  • improve mobility for senior citizens and the disabled
  • increase supply chain visibility for enhanced efficiency
  • develop cyber security for Connected and Automated Vehicles
  • reduce congestion through the efficient discovery of parking
  • develop or access technology to count people on public transport
  • mine data to predict hotspots for incidents and accidents.

iMOVE recognises that globally, many other entities are tackling similar transport challenges to Australia. As a neutral, well-connected facilitator, iMOVE seeks to make connections with other innovative organisations in the transport, mobility and technology space.