Case Study: Intelematics

Intelematics Australia drives in-car smarts for the AA UK


Intelematics has been a leading provider of telematics services to automotive manufacturers and auto clubs since 1999. The Intelematics 'connected vehicle telematics solution' (the Solution) is one such technology. Intelematics worked with the Automotive Association (AA) UK to tailor the Solution to power the AA's connected membership initiative. This initiative, called Car Genie, delivers intelligent prognostic tools to both drivers and the AA.

Statistics captured by the Solution in the six months since launching in August 2017 are compelling, with over 4.8 million trips, 66 million kilometres and more than 17,000 faults recorded.

As well as driving in-car smarts, Intelematics' Solution is driving real business benefits for the AA, through increased member acquisition, revenue stream growth and operational cost reductions.

For members, Car Genie consists of a smartphone app that leverages data the Solution captures through a dongle that plugs into a car's OBD-II port.

As well as trip data such as speed, distance and route, the Solution monitors drivers' braking, acceleration and cornering behaviours, allowing the AA to deliver a richer member experience with live route updates and tailored driving tips.

Analysing vehicle data in real time – such as battery power and engine performance – the Solution also helps members and the AA to take pre-emptive action to avoid breakdowns.

The Solution provides superior safety and security too, allowing stolen vehicles to be located and automatically detecting and alerting the AA when a vehicle is involved in an incident.

'Given our strong association with Australia's automotive clubs, we're very proud to now export our Connected Vehicle Telematics Solution to benefit the UK's largest club and its 15 million members,' says Rod Chapman, CEO & MD, Intelematics Australia.

To support the AA's successful delivery of Car Genie, Intelematics has deployed specialist telematics services tools including a Call Centre Agent Interface, DTC Dashboard and Custom Algorithms to monitor vehicle health.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Intelematics' connected mobility solutions are now expanding into Europe and North America.