Case Study: Transurban

LinktGO delivers commitment-free tolling from a smartphone


In 2017, Transurban disrupted the tolling industry by launching LinktGO – Australia's first GPS-enabled tolling app.

Transurban created a digital-first experience by focusing on enabling payments by smartphone – something everyone has in their pocket – rather than a physical tag.

A world-leading innovation which launched in October 2017, LinktGO is a GPS-enabled mobile app that gives customers seamless access to all Australian toll roads. Providing full transparency of trip details and costs, LinktGO puts control of payments in customers' hands, allowing them to see trips in real time and pay trip-by-trip using their smartphones, with no ongoing commitment. Built-in safety features ensure user interaction is not required while driving.

Transurban found that half their customers only used toll roads occasionally. These customers wanted easier ways to interact, including the flexibility to pay a single toll without committing to an account. Transurban saw this as an opportunity to make it easier to use their toll roads by creating the LinktGO app.

LinktGO uses geo-fences to virtualise the physical infrastructure of road networks into software. The result is a tolling platform that can operate on all toll roads, including those not managed by Transurban. This flexibility means LinktGO is a completely transferrable tolling system that can be deployed within days, anywhere in the world.

LinktGO shifts how customers interact with toll roads. The real-time experience and full transparency of trip details and costs, along with the pay-as-you-go model, empowers customers to feel confident and in control when using toll roads.

By partnering with government, Transurban aims to provide effective toll road networks that help solve transport challenges. In business since 1996, Transurban is an ASX top 15 listed company, operating 13 roads in Australia and two in the US.