Industry Capability Reports

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    Australia: shaping the future of food and agriculture
    Opportunities for investment and partnership in Agriculture 4.0

  • Agribusiness and food education and research capability

    Agribusiness and Food Education and Research (PDF, 2.3MB)
    This industry capability statement provides an overview of Australian capability in the agribusiness, and food education and research industries, including examples of some of the many Australian organisations with specialist expertise.

  • agribusiness Research, Consulting, Technology and Equipment capability

    Agribusiness Research, Consulting, Technology and Equipment (PDF, 1.6MB)
    This industry capability report provides an overview of Australian capability in agribusiness research, consulting, technology and equipment, including examples of some of the many Australian companies with specialist expertise.
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  • Aquaculture and fisheries ICR Cover

    Aquaculture and Fisheries (PDF, 543KB)
    This industry capability report provides an overview of Australian capability in aquaculture and fisheries management, including areas of specialist expertise.

  • Beef Technology and Services Capability Report

    Beef Technology and Services (PDF, 2.3MB)
    Australian farmers are among the world’s most efficient producers of cattle and Australia’s beef sector is one of its most prominent agricultural industries in both domestic and export markets.

  • Dairy Technology Services

    Dairy Technology and Services (PDF, 532KB)
    The dairy sector is Australia’s third largest rural industry. The total supply chain (farm production, manufacturing and export) generates $A13 billion each year.

  • Fruit Vegetables ICR Cover

    Fruit and Vegetables (PDF, 2.31MB)
    This export capability statement provides an overview of Australian capabilities across a range of horticultural products. It includes information on seasonal availability, packaging, transport and the best months of the year to contact suppliers to ensure orders can be met.

  • Grains, Pulses and Oilseeds capability

    Grains, Pulses and Oilseeds capability (PDF, 676KB)
    This industry capability report provides an overview of Australian production expertise in grains, pulses and oilseeds.

Diversity on Asia’s doorstep

The Australian agribusiness sector occupies a significant place in the Australian economy and has a strong track record in attracting international investment throughout the agricultural supply chain.

Australia’s diverse climate, rainfall patterns and soil types sustain a wide range of agribusiness enterprises, including: tropical and temperate horticulture; inland and coastal aquaculture; the production of grains, oilseeds and fibres; grazing and feed lotting of livestock; thoroughbred breeding, forestry and the production of timber products.

Australia enjoys several advantages. Our geographic isolation and leading quarantine and monitoring regime help preserve a reputation for high quality production. Proximity to Asian economies, extensive free trade agreements and counter-seasonal production for the northern hemisphere means that trans-national companies sourcing from Australia can deliver produce throughout the year; this assists to drive demand for Australia’s products in world markets.

Australian agriculture has consistently financed and developed science-based farming for the sector. This has maintained an average agricultural productivity gain of two per cent over the past 50 years.

Competitiveness for agribusiness is derived from locally-developed production methods and technologies and international research and development collaborations. Continual innovation in farm machinery, sophisticated plant and animal breeding programs and intelligent transport solutions underpin the ability of Australian agribusinesses to bring world-class commodities to market.

As a major exporter of agricultural produce and services, more than two thirds of agricultural commodities produced on farms are exported each year. Over the past twenty years, the production and exports of beef, wine and dairy products have increased significantly in response to growing overseas demand for higher value products.

Climate change and associated prolonged drought periods has caused water shortages and these have impacted the economy in the current period. The management of water resources across a dry continent is an important industry for Australia. The sector expertise and capability include: advanced technologies and infrastructure, water resource management, recycling and reclamation technologies. The extensive investment in water by the Australian Government also presents immediate opportunities.

Australia is a logical supply source for agricultural products, food and biofuels. The professional farming community also represents an educated and reliable supply chain partner for international customers. Considering the extensive range of agricultural resources and rural production, there are significant new agricultural opportunities available within a stable investment and regulatory environment.

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