Building and Construction

High levels of infrastructure activity

Spurred on by the vibrant economy and a lifestyle of international renown, immigration into Australia keeps growing. Since 2000, the population has grown by about 4,000 people per week.

As population centres expand, local governments have increased spending on large-scale infrastructure projects. Together with the resource sector boom, this accounts for extremely high levels of activity in the civil engineering and construction sector.

In particular, transport and utilities projects have become a focus for long-term investment. In 2005, the Australian Government established an Export Infrastructure Task Force to identify priorities and reduce impediments to investment.

More recently, the government established Infrastructure Australia to coordinate a national approach to Australia’s future infrastructure needs. The agency has completed an audit of the nation’s economic assets and identified key themes to drive development of Australia’s infrastructure. These include: broadband; energy grids: port productivity and land transport; public transport; and water supply.

Continued strong demand means the government is keen for more foreign companies to enter the infrastructure development market, both to increase competition and relieve construction bottlenecks.

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