Investment – creating more opportunities for all Australians

 Australia’s economy has outperformed its peers for more than two decades and the country is achieving great success in global industries.

Investment from overseas helps stimulate our economy’s growth, creates local jobs and drives our modernisation. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is woven into our daily lives; from roads and public transport, to technology used in phones or computers.

FDI helps power some of Australia’s leading industries, creating more opportunities and jobs. It supports local businesses, develops infrastructure and builds regional economies, and drives greater competitiveness, innovation and productivity through new technologies.

Investment from overseas means:

  • Jobs for Australians – with 1 in 10 Australian jobs supported by foreign direct investment – employing 1.2 million people.
  • Greater growth for the Australian economy – businesses supported by FDI hold $2.7 trillion in assets – almost a quarter of Australia’s total assets. They contribute to more than a quarter of Australia’s economy – $286 billion in Industry Value Add (IVA).
  • Increased productivity and exports – FDI has also contributed to generating two fifths of Australia’s goods and services exports.

* FDI is defined as businesses with greater than 10 per cent foreign ownership.

Interact with the data

Austrade has developed an interactive data visualisation tool to help you explore the economic activities of majority foreign-owned businesses operating in Australia. Click here  to dive into the data on country of ownership and the industries they operate in, and see how they drive a stronger Australian economy by supporting jobs, productivity, and trade.

FDI Case studies